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Coral Springs

The City of Coral Springs is 24 square miles nestled in the north-west corner of Broward County. Known for our family atmosphere, thriving businesses, city recreational facilities, and top-rated schools. As one of the fastest growing cities, and now considered fully “built-out”, it is hard to believe the very same land was merely a green bean farm and cattle field just 55 years ago.

Coral Springs has been unique from its inception as it is one of the first truly planned cities in Florida. Just 55 years ago successful Fort Lauderdale builders, James S. Hunt and Joe Taravella of Coral Ridge Properties, had the vision to create a planned city from the ground up. The first land purchase was for $1M for 3,860 acres of green bean crops and cattle fields. The seller, Lena Lyons widow of Henry “Bud” Lyons was known as “The Titan of the Bean Patch.” Bud Lyons shipped his product all over the United States and employed hundreds during the great depression. Coral Ridge Properties (CRP) would later buy more land from Lyons. CRP joined the Lyons land clusters with the Remsberg Ranch purchase of 3,000 acres for $9M from Luther S. Remsberg. This Remsberg parcel extended the city north of Wiles Road. Another important parcel of land was a donation of 45 acres from Dr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Mellon in 1972. This land was donated for the specific use of recreational, public and municipal use, and that is exactly what it is used for today.

During early planning the Coral Springs builders wanted homes on ample lots and public buildings in a brick colonial style. They called for strict city code to maintain aesthetics. James Hunt was a showman. To draw interest in the land that was sometimes considered “too far out”, they constructed a covered bridge and recruited talk show host Johnny Carson for a land sale BBQ. The event was a huge success, and later Carson himself purchased an investment plot of his own. Westinghouse purchased Coral Ridge Properties in 1966. They brought modern style and innovation to Coral Springs, with top-of-the-line appliances and features that were cutting edge. Though Hunt died in 1972 and Taravella in 1978, their vision lives on with continued innovative leadership and a community dedicated to progress. The succeeding leadership that has followed has been key to achieving those efforts.

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